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    #WTF is #ELLO?

    Yesterday I saw two updates from friends saying the same. I woke up this morning with a mind swirling from a seed planted by a friend, “But I really wonder if anyone is looking at the structural integrity of the ship they are jumping into……” and started to wonder.
    “I’ve decided to create my own Social Network this week.” he says.
    I think we all should.

    What is ello? I think it’s a $192BN bet that people are spiraling up.

    What is Facebook? I’d liken it to a department store filled with NSA, DHS, and other entity cameras in which you’re the mannequin and where everything you do is tracked, modeled, crunched, and archived so that when more tech is available, the existing datasets can be crunched again.
    Is ello the next best thing? Maybe. We only need an app. We have the three things necessary already for the next network to work: The internet, providing the backbone, the communication device, in your hand, and you.

    From my perspective what we’re lacking is trust. I personally believe that the network, my connections to others (whether in a circle, one-to-one, or “posts” should be not only encrypted and private, but NEVER available to a corporation for it’s own uses, or the network itself. I’ve worked for a few corporations, and wouldn’t leave one to take care of my kittens, let alone my data, habits, or history.

    If we could use the unlimited cloud for our shared storage space, the internet for an encrypted tunnel, and our own devices as dumb, thin clients only handling our identification then we’ve got everything we need.
    What happened to PGP? What happened to our privacy, liberty and freedoms? You don’t need to put on a tin foil hat anymore. Pretty sure that wikileaks declared they don’t work. We were born into a shared hallucination of these personal liberties and freedoms - but the last time we actually enjoyed them was most likely in middle school. Since then there have been more cameras, more security, and the slippery slope of post-9/11 warrantless wiretaps has yielded a net result of about a half-dozen bad guys, most of whom weren’t on facebook, twitter, or gmail to begin with.

    I’d love if this were a continued discussion, and we each examined our top 10 list of what the next social network would look like.
    What features are an absolute necessity? Could you jump ship?

    As my ello list fills up with my friends who are most decidedly Burners is there a shared sense of decommodification that is taking us there? Or are we just nerds?

    I see an infographic of the black wholes of networks past. I was on multiple BBS’s first. Then Compuserve, followed by AOL. I never had a myspace, but if you go there today you get crickets. $192BN for a valuation is strong, but at one point AOL bought Time Warner. Where are we in 10 years? Where will we be in another 50 at my own EOL signal?
    So I’m back to my original answer. Ello is a huge, huge bet that the black whole of cyberspace as we approach the AI singularity is still evolving, still moving, still breathing information in and out, spiraling up, eeking out it’s own evolution and end results.

    Thanks to my friend for the seed of an idea. Can’t wait to see what’s next for all of us!

    Thanks for the #pavs @campgreensky!!! Perfect day for some #bluegrass in #puremichigan (at Freedom Hill)

    After the 50th virgin asks me where to find Robot Heart



    Jake sound check #umphreys #wanee2014 #umphlove

    #theview Watching @jeffersonwaful focus lights for @umphreysmcgee at #wanee2014

    Look Deep Into Nature… #mossome #artbasel #miami #liveart #installation (at Plant The Future)

    Miami live art installation: team #mossome #artbasel #moss (at Plant The Future)

    Not gonna lie, hanging out documenting the team #mossome installation with my friends in their moss bikinis. (at Team MOSSome Miami)

    Team #mossome / Yva Neal Design (at Team MOSSome Miami)



    The Scumfrog at Robot Heart

    If you’re a burner (or a fan of deep-house for that matter), you should already know about Robot Heart. An art-car at Burning Man —- for the uninitiated, an art-car is a decorated mutant vehicle of sorts that creeps around the Black Rock desert, or…

    A Love Creed, dedicated to the #burningman community
    I love a people who have always made me welcome to the best they had.
    I love a people who give without the expectation of anything in return.
    I love a people who build inside of a shared dream and know they’ll never be able to keep what they build.
    I love a people who express a diversity I never knew existed within the human race.
    I love a people who express beauty without restraint, show their true passions with their body, their face, their desires.
    I love a people who worship humanity in all its forms.
    I love a people who do their best to abide by principles in their temporary society that continues to evolve daily.
    I love a people who challenge themselves to grow and never complain about the consequences of growth.
    I love a people who live for a week without money, and somehow create the most bizarre economy on the planet.
    I love a people who challenge one another to the highest ideal.
    I love a people whose imagination knows no bounds and is expressed through light, sound, color, and fire.
    I love a people who find time to embrace newcomers and share what they’ve learned.
    I love a people who accept you for who you are.
    I love a people who make no attempt to define themselves, other than to identify with one another
    I love a people who dance ecstatically, stomp the ground with both feet to connect with it, and at the same time leave no trace that they were ever there.
    I love a people who make mistakes, learn from them, and grow.
    I love a people who realize that love is often dirty, harsh, and painful but seek it with no remorse.

    Please add yours.

    2013 Hookahdome Early Evening Schedule for #burningman

    "When I Grow Up" David Block (The Human Experience) with Amae Love.

    Our Late Evening 2013 Hookahdome Lineup for #burningman

    just in time for #burningman, the #sparklepony express!!! #jamz #music Ruff Music is proud to introduce Slippery Pete to the DSTRKTKN KRW and the world at large. Pete’s sets slip from genre into genre with a very rare kind of fluidity. He mixes deep… cutting and juggling all the while, creating new rhythms by remixing in the moment using only turntables and a basic mixer. When you add that to his lightning fast turntablism skill, which he executes flawlessly and with an effortless grace, that defines Slippery Pete as an artist. These qualities make him a natural fit here at Ruff Music.

    Sparkle Pony Express is a journey that seamlessly travels from 100 - 130 bpm. Twisting, bending and meandering though a myriad of styles. Culminating in an absolutely unique 60 minutes of music. Pete transitions from 30’s inspired swing to songs he seems to import directly from the future. Lacing island inspired bass riddems , old-timey gospel, 80’s R&B and whatever else Pete decides to throw in for fun. A trip with this D.J. is always worth taking. Sparkle Pony Express has been dedicated to Pynecone O;)…Enjoy the tunez…

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